Who is Gilbel Project Solutions?

My name is Jackie Gilliland and I am the Owner of Gilbel Project Solutions.

I have been a full-time practitioner of Project Planning, Scheduling, and Schedule Control for more than 30 years.

I have a passion for the discipline and although all in the industry agree on the value of the Project Schedule, I have noticed an alarming decline in the general quality and perceived value of The Project Schedule.

Over the duration of my career, starting prior to the availability of sophisticated Project Planning and Scheduling software tools available today, I have gained experience throughout all levels of the discipline.

I have also worked mostly with major contractors throughout projects ranging from Construction Execution through EPCM and Owner levels.

My goal is to work with clients in order to find solutions to improve schedule quality, re-instate credibility and eliminate cost.

Make Sense of Project Planning, Scheduling and Control

A survey conducted by Logical Projects, a global project consulting company in 2019, concludes that the estimated bottom-line difference to projects utilizing project controls is at 3 – 12% of project value.

Over the past number of years, I have noticed the deterioration of quality of project planning and scheduling throughout the industry and my personal view is that project planning and scheduling as a value adding component of project management is rapidly losing value and credibility.

I also find that the true value of the project schedule and effective schedule control as a means for project teams to manage and control their budget and ultimately profits, is vastly underestimated.

Project Planning and Scheduling is unfortunately not a textbook topic and is extremely reliant on hands-on experience combined with the required skills transfer through coaching and mentoring.

The goal of Gilbel Project Solutions is to provide a cost-effective support service to clients to assist project teams to regain value of their project schedule and understand how effective scheduling and control can save cost and thus improve profits within the budgets and the specific constraints of your company.

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