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Project Planning and Scheduling

for your organisation

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Ensure continuity within your Project

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Ensuring conformance between projects.


Project Planning

Support you in elevating skills levels for Project Planning, Scheduling and Control within your organisation.

Project Continuity

Ensure continuity within your Project when changes in resources occur.


Assuring you Project planning, Scheduling and Control conform to standard practices and principles.

We’re now a reseller for Schedule Reader and

Project Viewer

Schedule Reader

ScheduleReader™ is a software solution designed to deliver a complete overview of schedule information among all
parties involved in the project. It offers a dynamic way to view project data exported from Primavera® P6® and shared in the XER, XML or XLS file format between the project team and stakeholders.

Project Viewer

Seavus Project Viewer is a stand-alone, low-coast software for viewing Microsoft Project plans, suitable for all project-oriented organizations, from small and medium-sized companies to large corporations.

What is the risk of poor Planning and Schedule Control?

The answer is very simple. Poor planning and Schedule control leads to loss of money.

Schedule delay and loss of time are the biggest contributors to project losses.

We believe:

IF: Schedule = Time
And: Time = Money
Then: Improved Schedule = Improved profit

In modern-day projects, change is inevitable.

Without effective schedules and controls, losses siphoned off over the course of the project are not obvious and at the end of the project reduced profit expectations are attributed to a variety of unforeseen issues experienced.

Effective control, on the other hand, allows you to identify deviations, implement control measures, and mitigate delays.

At Gilbel Project Solutions, we recognize the challenges construction companies face;

– Availability of resources.

– Maturity levels of resources.

– Resource turnover.

– Restricted budgets.

We understand the difficulty of balancing your project planning and scheduling needs with your project budgetary needs.
We would like to talk to you about balancing these issues at a cost that will suit your budget.
For more information, please send us a request.

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